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System Safety

The System Safety engineering element of the Safety process is concerned with minimizing the risk of personnel injury or equipment damage during the use and maintenance of the equipment or system.

Evaluation of the design and the adequacy of existing safety features is conducted to identify any potentially hazardous conditions. Based on the completed evaluation, action is then initiated to seek a redesign where necessary or to introduce measures to reduce any remaining risks to an acceptable level.

Adept personnel have considerable experienced and skill in the production of System Safety Plans and the management and conduct of safety programmes to Defence Standards (00-56 etc); Joint Service Publications (JSP 454, JSP 430 etc); and the MoD’s Project-Oriented Safety Management System (POSMS).

Adept personnel can provide the necessary experience and skill to complete or assist with the following System Safety related tasks:

When conducting the above analysis Adept personnel use various analysis techniques to determine hazards and their associated risks including:

Following the completion of the appropriate analysis Adept are experienced in working with design teams to achieve the elimination of hazards or the reduction of hazards to an acceptable level based on the As Low As Reasonable Practicable (ALARP) principle.

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