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Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)

The Logistic Support Analysis element of the ILS process includes a series of structured analysis, methodologies and techniques. The analysis is completed during the design, development and manufacturing processes. It seeks to identify any features of the design which could result in unnecessary expense during its service life. By determining and understanding any potential issues, decisions can be made on the best way to address and resolve these in order to reduce the cost drivers.

The level and scope of analysis to be completed must be tailored for each project to ensure that it is both appropriate and effective.

As Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) Managers and Practitioners we are experienced and skilled in the tailoring of the LSA process and in the subsequent application of tasks as follows:

Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR)

The LSAR is a relational database which is populated with the results of the various Logistic Support Analyses and the Availability, Maintainability and Reliability analyses carried out.

Population of the LSAR can be an exhaustive and expensive process unless the process is tailored to suit each specific project and is managed effectively.

To provide cost effective information to support the ILS and LSA processes we are experienced in:

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