Providing cost effective ILS and safety solutions tailored to individual company and project needs

Registered Office: 24E Norwich Street, Dereham, Norfolk. NR19 1BX

Registered in England & Wales, 2005 No. 5480721

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Adept ILS & Safety Solutions Ltd (Adept) provide Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and Safety services to engineering design, development and production companies of all sizes and fields. Our services include both Consultancy and Practitioner support.

Our personnel have extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in all aspects of ILS and Safety. Through the effective application of this expertise we provide our customers with timely, professional and appropriate support, tailored to each customer’s particular needs.

By delivering reliable, flexible, and cost effective support, our aim is to build long term relationships and become the prime suppliers of ILS and Safety services to each of our customers.

Services Overview

Although the processes of ILS and System Safety analysis have primarily been tools used within the Defence industry, at Adept we recognise that this approach is equally applicable and beneficial within other engineering sectors. With our broad experience and expertise we are well placed to serve these other sectors and can help apply and adapt the specialist ILS and Safety disciplines as required.

Adept ILS & Safety Solutions also provide more general engineering support solutions including:

Adept ILS and Safety Solutions Ltd personnel have worked on projects for all three arms of H.M. Forces as well as projects for foreign forces and non-defence sector companies.