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Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

ILS is a disciplined management approach aimed at minimising the associated costs of operating and maintaining an equipment throughout its service life. Initially the process provides inputs during the design phase to ensure that the equipment is both reliable and supportable. Post the design stage further analysis identifies the maintenance tasks, support options and associated dependencies to determine the most appropriate means of achieving the optimum Life Cycle Cost.

Our ILS expertise includes the primary supporting elements of:

We also provide Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) development and management, System Safety Services and Bid Support/ Management.

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ILS Support Process

Subject to the individual client’s requirements, Adept can provide experienced personnel working as either ILS Managers or ILS Practitioners. The ILS Manager can be either in the form of a formal ILS Manager acting on behalf of the client, or as a 'Shadow' ILS Manager. When acting in a ‘Shadow’ ILS Manager role, Adept will both provide support as necessary and will help develop in-house experience as required. Adept will always match our staff to your particular needs to ensure that we provide effective and cost efficient tailored solutions.

Adept can also provide individual ILS Element Managers and Practitioners covering all ILS disciplines.

We normally quote a fixed price for a fixed package of work, which is delivered to time and, obviously, within the agreed budget.

Comprehensive reports are provided at agreed intervals to ensure formal visibility to the client regarding our progress.

Our ILS experience and knowledge in the practical application of Defence Standards and Military Specifications enables us to support clients at all stages of the Contract process. We can provide assistance with the compilation of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs), provide responses to Invitations To Tender and help with the implementation performance and monitoring of subsequently awarded contracts.

Our experience and skills include the preparation and upkeep of Integrated Support Plans and supporting Logistic Support Analysis and Element Plans; Costing the ILS Process; Assessment of ILS Proposals and Pre-tender submission reviews; Post-tender discussions and negotiation support; Management of ILS Programmes; ‘Get Well’ management; Preparation for and conduct of ILS Programme Reviews.

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