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Environmental Issues

The Secretary of State (SoS) for Defence’s Policy Statement states that Environmental Management within Defence Acquisition is a mandatory requirement.

Many engineering solutions and equipment by their very nature are likely to have some environmental impact. This impact may be associated with the equipment development, manufacture, use or disposal. To reduce the environmental impacts requires that these are considered during the design and development process.

The Environmental Issues element of the Safety process is used to address the above mandatory requirement and each of the associated issues.

The Project Oriented Environmental Management Systems (POEMS) has been developed and mandated for all Defence acquisition projects. POEMS is used in order to enable environmental impacts to be minimised through the life of the equipments and services. Similar impact assessment techniques are used within other engineering sectors.

Adept personnel can provide the necessary experience and skill to complete or assist with undertaking the required analysis. Through the completion of this analysis and associated techniques they will seek to influence the design process such that the environmental impact is reduced to an acceptable level. The level that can be achieved will depend on the industry sector and intended use of the equipment.


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