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Contractor Logistic Support (CLS)

Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) is the methodology by which responsibility for the provision of an agreed level of support is transferred to an industry provider.

CLS can cover a wide spectrum of industry involvement ranging from minimal transfer, under traditional product based support solutions, to maximum transfer of responsibility to a Contractor.

The above range of activities is covered by the terms ‘Contracting for Availability’ and ‘Contracting for Capability’.

CLS arrangements must be tailored to the needs of each particular support scenario. The resultant CLS Contract will generally include penalties for inadequate performance together with incentives for effective support operations. Arrangements will further include an efficient monitoring and sentencing system.

Adept personnel have developed and currently manage a number of very successful CLS programmes. Based on this experience our personnel can provide the necessary expertise and skill to complete or assist with the following CLS related tasks:

Performance monitoring and asset tracking are achieved using in-house software tools designed specifically for this purpose and tailored for individual CLS Contracts.